The Orange County District is one of 12 districts in the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA). We are aligned with the missions and values of CPTA, as listed below: 

The California Physical Therapy Association is a Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, which represents more than 93,000 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants nationwide. As the third largest Physical Therapy association in the world, the California Physical Therapy Association is the only voice for the physical therapy profession in the state of California.


Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience


The Mission of the California Physical Therapy Association is to build a community that advances the profession of physical therapy to improve the health of society through:

  • Educating the people in California about the unique attributes, benefits, and value of physical therapy;
  • Meeting the physical therapy needs of the people of California through continuous development and improvement of physical therapist education, practice and research;
  • Supporting CPTA membership to strengthen professional identity, communication, leadership, networking, business development, and political outreach

Strategic Goal

Physical therapists will be universally recognized and promoted as experts in human movement and function to whom consumers have unrestricted direct access. To achieve this goal, CPTA will accomplish specific objectives in the following areas of focus (in rank order):

  • Public Identity
  • Payment
  • Access
  • Quality Practice (Education and Research)


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